UFC on FOX 26: Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael dos Anjos Toe-To-Toe preview – A complete breakdown

Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael dos Anjos News UFC on FOX 26 this December 16, 2017 in the Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg, Canada.

One sentence summary David: Two fighters prepare for battle instead of spoiling Star Wars on social networking.
Phil: Robert Glenn Lawler takes on the guy of those angels.
Record: Robbie Lawler 28-11-1 NC | Rafael dos Anjos 27-9
Odds: Robbie Lawler +105 | Rafael dos Anjos -125
History / Intro to both fighters
David: Lawler started his career as something of a proto-Mike Perry. He famously told Tiki Ghosn that after he”touched him with his hands”, it would be lights out. Little did Lawler know all he had was a little cut to put Tiki to the bleached dirt. Lawler looked like a fighter without much upside and a good deal of action. Gradually, his expertise turned into real utility. Before long, he didn’t have to revolutionize his game because regardless of how the game changed, the players were the same. Somewhere along the way everything clicked – his robust striking turned into a shield against the rest of the strikes, and he packaged his bombs for hands into a calmer, nearly Buddhist way to pugilism that differently looked controlled by means of a mind preoccupied with soccer routes and cheerleaders.
Phil: Lawler went through several different incarnations since landing that fortunate cut stoppage against Mr Ghosn. The Miletich brawler, the Team Quest citrus nomad, and eventually the slimmed down brutalizer who stunned everyone on his way to the UFC welterweight belt. What incarnation are we looking at now? He didn’t sound terribly enthused by the idea of pursuing the belt again, he has left ATT, and he’s grown out the beard. Maybe Prizefighting Robbie is back. David: It feels like ages since RDA won the light title in blistering, dominant fashion vs Anthony Pettis. Following a successful defense, he went on a two fight skid that began with an unexpected attack from who I thought had been an Eddie Alvarez on a minor downward tendency given the wars he had been in. RDA got blitzed, and then blitzed again by Tony Ferguson. All of a sudden RDA is rear. At welterweight. I’m not sure what his achievement in WW tells us about battling Lawler though, which is part of the fun.

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